Over the lunatic asylum

Nanjing, a cafe owner and painter Guo Haiping There was a time of great artistic obsession,Runescape Money life: his sleep of others awake, with a paint brush fever, others go to work, he was a bed to sleep, sleep has been the sun sets. Painting is not smooth, he will Shuaidong Xi, closed the door shouting roared. Neighbors began to talk in whispers, his eyes look as if he was mad at me. Guo Haiping was nonchalant: "Do you know of Van Gogh cut off his ears, Munch's suicide in a mental hospital it? They are all great artists, painting forbidden, as it is my intention to have been mad, do not qualify." At the same time, Guo Haiping also feel depressed: "What my life and you do not like, labeled 'mental illness' label, it is necessary to have mercy on you by, looking down?" As a result, the 42-year-old man so sudden surprise, turn off the coffee shop and decided to move to live in a mental hospital. He approached the mentally ill would like to explore the differences between people of the world. He even want to teach them to paint, explore the genius and the distance between the Mad Hatter. Easel with a brush, carrying luggage blankets, Guo Haiping came to the Hill of the ancestral hall of the Nanjing mental hospital, was shut out. How can normal people to live in a mental hospital? Guo Haiping tenacious devotion than people think, 10 months later, he finally walked into the door to door, received a blue stripe suit the patient, was admitted to a mental hospital. Familiar with the situation, Guo Haiping with the support of the hospital, opened a special art room. On the first day, activity rooms, to the more than 100 patients. In the face of oil paintings, watercolors, color pencils, Crayons, clay, and other art tools, some of them turn away, while others take hold Nie Nie, with interest. Guo Haiping encourage patients to pick up the brush, just paint something. A young man painting a day and 3 small paintings, said: "I like'3 'figure.'3' Is the soul, and even great passion!" Another girl falls in love with painting ever since, well sort of jumbled Hair, wearing a beautiful, and spirits like appointment to the activities room. Just kind of person, Guo Haiping also found that the master of the two figures. Zhang Yu-bao of a 32-year-old. He gave each of his paintings have taken the name: "angry" and "struggle" and "split" ... ... "struggle" is the background color of the bright orange, numerous large black spots around the middle of expression curtailed by the head, Impressive. He painted a way that can easily convey emotion. There is also a named Wang Jun, whether painting, "The first time I saw the train" or "in front of the home of the three big mountains", are painting vertical view. Wang Jun said: "From the look in the sky, trains and mountains is like that." In this regard, Guo Haiping dumbfounded. He later told reporters: "The patient's spiritual world the true spirit of freedom. He loved painting vertical view, because he believes he will fly in the sky." The vast majority of these paintings have not had the experience of patients in three months, a total of more than 300 works. These doctors and nurses who work so amazing. Guo Haiping eventually left the mental hospital, many patients and hug him goodbye, allowing doctors and nurses greatly surprised. Late last year, Guo Haiping with these extraordinary paintings, published "The Art of madness", in Age Of Conan Power Leveling and 798 art galleries in exhibitions, workshops. The day of the exhibition, Guo Haiping subjected to all kinds of doubts: He said that the show, known for paranoid speculation; try hard to find fault call him, make fun of the mentally ill get; criticism of his art is too shallow to understand, a group of crazy for the graffiti art exhibition was also open to ... ... Guo Sea level has always been calm, with a smile. In the face of an Fengmangbilou young reporter's question, he said: "I will lead the mentally ill Museum of Art. I do not care about the outside world and the abuse controversy, I only care about what I am doing, whether or not they can really benefit from. I just Can we care about out of prejudice, to re-examine the spirit of the group of patients - and sometimes they really worth looking up, rather than discrimination. " Guo Haiping left, the arts room has been open, patients who go there are still love to paint, play, spend their time. Ziwoxinshang from time to time they pick up the paintings, to satisfy his sweet smile - the studio behind the respect and understanding, as fragrant spring flowers, gently fit their wounds. Over the lunatic asylum - sometimes just a brush, a non-discriminatory in the eyes of love.

The success of a mistake

A different mentality from our mistakes to see success, then the errors become our teachers. A long timeRunescape Gold, is said to Huangshan the fish are on foot all the way to go until the fish to their destinations, the fish has begun to decay. Ma Huang died as a live horse medicine, the mandarin fish smell like salt, cooking Ruguo. Burn good mandarin fish, foul smells, tastes surprisingly incense. After that, the fish simply with a layer of salt fish, mandarin fish storage methods, and then into Huangshan. As a result, there are the famous Huangshan mandarin fish smell, I do not know how many customers it has been a unique taste of the dumping. Mandarin fish foul play is a distortion, the achievements of human taste, of something rotten into something wonderful eye-openers. An example of this, there are many. Sake in Japan and China's southern rice wine similar than are popular type of universal public rice wine. It is said that Japan's rice wine, but in the Meiji before the turbidity is more, this is a fly in the ointment. Many people want a variety of ways to make wine but can not find a clean way. At that time, in Osaka, has a good pool Uemon hung by the name of the small businessman, for the production of rice wine for a living and operating. One day, his servant and a quarrel took place. Servant of hatred, revenge waiting in the ashes into the night to make the rice wine barrels, this wine would like to become a waste, and called the owner suffer. The job of small business, this despicable servant to get away. The next morning, good to see Uemon to the winery, and discovered a phenomenon never seen before, that the muddy rice wine has become clear. Take a closer look, there are barrels at the end of a layer of ashes. He keenly feel that this filter Rs Money ashes with the role of the pilot immediately to study. After numerous times to improve. Finally found Zhuojiu so clean way to produce the sake of Japan's best-selling later. Life of the error, which is normal, it is valuable lessons from the mistakes of the opportunity to find success. A different mentality from our mistakes to see success, then the errors become our teachers.